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It's the little things that count!


Today was Open Farm Sunday, a project that started back in 2006 opening working farms across the UK to the public and giving us a better understanding of what it means to be a farmer.

Through logging onto the Open Farm website I found a farm not too far from home that I wanted to visit: Silcocks Organic Farm in Tenterden, Kent.

It was a great day out for anyone interested in agriculture, the countryside and wildlife. The farm has a good shop, selling the farm produce and other local artisan products. There were also a couple of stands, one with floristry displays and the other selling wooden crafted items by Mark Sidders the Green Wood Craftsman who was actually carving wooden kitchen spoons as visitors walked by.  

For this years Open Farm event, Silcocks Farm had converted their big barn into a hay bale bar, bbq and eatery, where visitors could enjoy cooked organic meat sandwiches with local ales, beer and fruit juices.  Alongside the visiting diners, another area of the barn housed some sheep who looked as if they had just been sheered, a demonstration I had just missed!

The farm encouraged visitors to take walks around the local area and fill in a Pollinator Survey.  I took the non public footpath route through the farms grazing and corn fields, which led me to Wattle Wood, a Kent Wildlife Nature Reserve.  On my walk I saw the Silcock dairy cows and calves, and the rare breed Boresisle Herd, which huddled by a gateway that I didn’t dare enter - they were rather feisty and had really big horns!

Out of all the animals, my favourite sight was the huge Gloucestershire Old Spot pig and piglets!

During my peaceful walk across the farm estate, I could occasional hear the sounds of The Jewel of The Weald, a steam engine travelling along the nearby Kent & Sussex Railway.

Sunday Bliss!

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